Thursday, August 21, 2014

Girl + Horse = Bliss

This week we had a big milestone moment...
Abigail had her very first horseback riding lesson!
This was a very long-anticipated moment and she was just glowing...
it was wonderful.
I was a horse-crazy girl back in my day, too, and still remember how the dream --
and the fulfillment of it -- felt, and it was so much fun to watch it happen with my daughter!

Learning how to groom and tack the horse
Up on the horse for the first time!
Learning to find her seat (i.e. balance) instead of just relying on the saddle and stirrups
Hey, Abigail, you're going the wrong way! ;)
Getting brave
Learning to use the reins
Ride, Abigail, ride!!!


Delighted Hands said...

I'm sure there is a metaphor for life here but I am too teary-eyed to see to type it....

Very happy for her to get her horse riding lessons at last!!!!

harada57 said...
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