Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our week ~ October 14

Hmmm...lots of weeks have passed since the last week we recorded...but we'll just jump right back in and overlook that.

We are trucking away at school and have completed well over 1/4 of our school year!  We are currently working on fractions and decimals, parts of speech, ancient Egyptian history, spelling words that have the Latin roots "mit" and "medi", and cell theory (our current favorite), just to name a few.  This week in school, Felix learned how to tell time...or at least, he discovered that the noisy clock has a little black thing that moves every second and is great entertainment for a prowling kitten.
Both of the kittens are getting so big!  They enjoy sitting in their window seat next to the school table, where they nap, take baths, and watch birds and falling leaves.
The kids played soccer in the rain this week...but I forgot to take my camera. :(  They were soaked by the end and happy to get into dry, warm clothes, although they had lots of fun trying slip-and-slide soccer!  This orb spider's web was stunning on that rainy day; with all of the tiny raindrops clinging to it, it looked like something from a fairy-world.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but if you zoom in, it gives a little glimpse, anyway.
David has been busy creating a fleet of vehicles with his Legos.  Here is one of his (many, many) vehicles.
Last night we took our annual trip to Burt's Farm.  The weather was just right for an autumn outing; we enjoyed our hayride, seeing all of the pretty pumpkins, and a cup of fresh apple cider.  Best of all was just being together!
And just for the record, when the kids were toddler/preschool age, I used to imagine how easy it would be to get their pictures when they were older.  Wrong!  It was much easier when they were little enough that a silly face from their dad produced giant smiles every time!  Here are our outtakes...which, in truth, might be a better representation of the real 'us' anyway! :)


Delighted Hands said...

Thanks, I needed this!

Anonymous said...

I remember going there with you! Made me miss you guys more than ever! Love, Gram

Bethany said...

I love Fall pictures and your family looks great in the pumpkin patch. Abigail's outfit is my favorite. :-)