Saturday, August 06, 2011

Getting back into the swing of school

We have finished our first week of school!  I am pleased to report that it went very well, and we already felt 'in the swing of things' only a few days into the new year.  We start our school days at eight o'clock and are usually done around two o'clock, and for the most part, our school day is structured and orderly.  Surprisingly, the one who had the most trouble adjusting to the new routine was Mindy!  She had gotten used to following the kids around all summer while they ran around and played busily, so this holding-still idea threw her a little bit.  After a few days, though, she settled back into last year's routine...first, lie in the middle of the table and wait patiently for us to pay attention to her.
 When we just ignore her and keep on working, she bats pencils, tries to chew erasers, and then walks around on top of the kids' papers so that they can't do their work.
 After I intervene, she usually tries an attention-getting stunt...sometimes she brings one of her 'mousies' and waits for someone to play fetch with her; sometimes she gets up on top of the kitchen cabinets and tightrope-walks all the way around, and the more the kids giggle, the more she shows off.
 Finally, quite satisfied with herself and convinced that no, indeed, we are not going to leave the school table anytime soon, she settles in on her window seat (which is right next to our school table) and naps for most of the morning.  Every class has its clown!
Neither of the kids are allowed to clown in class, but one of my students doesn't hold still in the traditional sense.  This is his current favorite reading/thinking/studying pose. (And as long as he's not disturbing anyone else, I let him 'sit still' just like that...because although it often seems he's not paying attention at all, he usually has a complete grasp on whatever we're studying!)
For those of you who have wondered why we start school at the beginning of August, here's part of the answer...
Add in the humidity and other 'extras' to figure out the heat index, and it becomes clear that August is HOT down here.  Since we'd rather be inside with the A/C when the weather is like this anyway, we do school during August...and then, when the weather is nearly perfect in May/June, we're done with school and outside playing.

We are done with 3% of our school year -- nice work, guys!  After a successful first week of school, a little R & R is in order!


Delighted Hands said...

I love it! So nice to see what you are up to including Mindy! And I recognize that mower wagon pillow-can't believe it is still around!
So proud of all of you....!

Bethany said...

Cats always think it is all about them! Looks like a good start to the school year. I think every teacher should take a lesson from you and know how her students learn best!

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that pillow the kids are on is from the NYState fair ~1975 or 76 and all of you grew up riding on it in the lawn cart.Wow what memories
Groovy Pops