Friday, July 29, 2011

Our summer in review

Today is the last day of our summer break!  Monday we start our new school year; David will be in fourth grade and Abigail will be in second grade (where does the time go?!).  We have enjoyed a busy but wonderful summer break, and here are some of the highlights.
Library trips
 Pool time (even once as an impromptu stop when I let the kids swim in their street clothes -- they thought it was very daring and exciting!)
 A visit from my parents, complete with 4th of July fireworks in the middle of rain, thunder, and lightning
 (As is typical, my mom did much better than I about taking pictures and blogging them...go to her blog during the first week of July to see them!)
Playing on the slip-n-slide
 (Abigail inherited her daddy's horror of water on the face...hence the look of pain...she really is having fun!)
Playing at the playground
 (and, of course, jumping the stream to get in instead of taking the bridge)
 ...even Abigail tried it -- and did it!
 A week at summer camp
(Abigail enjoyed a week at Camp Grandparents-McKee, but I wasn't there to take pictures...she reports that she had a fabulous time!)
David thoroughly enjoyed his first time at camp, Bruce and I had a wonderful week of fellowship, learning, and getting to know our teens better, and I hogged my friends' baby a lot, which was great fun!)
 Blueberry picking with friends
 Backyard wildlife
 I wasn't very good about taking a lot of pictures this summer, so this is only a snippet of our summer days...but I treasured every together-moment!  On to the new school year!


Bethany said...

It looked like a wonderful summer that was full of memories. What did you do with ALL of those delicious looking blueberries?! I'm sure your school year will be full of exciting times as well. ;-)

Delighted Hands said...

Very nice summer! The photos captured time as it was rushing by!

Deb H said...

What a nice summer.

School is starting so soon?