Monday, December 21, 2009

McKee Tannenbaum 2009

As we typically do, we got our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  David couldn't understand why we didn't just take the first tree we had needles and a trunk, and that was good enough for him, so he didn't get why we dragged out the process! :)  But we persevered until we found "the one".

Then we got to the part David was excited about...pulling it on the cart!

Then we went to Starbucks for our annual treat...

...and now the tree is trimmed, the stockings are hung, and we're just waiting (not-so-) patiently for our company to start arriving!



Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful tree! Merry Christmas!


cj and family said...

Everything looks beautiful! Enjoy your time with family!

Delighted Hands said...

We are here!!! I think this is the lovliest tree ever-just perfect.